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 Teacher Page

Teacher Page

This WebQuest was created for seventh grade Social Studies and English/Language Arts students in the state of Georgia. 

Recommended time:
2 days for introduction of Webquest and research
1 day for storyboarding/script writing
2 days for product creation

English/Language Arts Standards:

b.  Interprets a character's traits, emotions, or motivations and gives supporting evidence from a text.
c.  Relates a literary work to information about its setting or historical moment.

e.  Examines the author's purpose in writing.

Social Studies Standards:

The student will locate selected features in Southwestern Asia (Middle East).
b.  Locate on a world and regional political-physical map the nation of Afghanistan.

The student will describe the diverse cultures of the people who live in Southwest Asia (Middle East).
a.  Explain the differences between and ethnic group and a religious group.
d.  Explain the reason for the division between Sunni and Shia Muslims.
e.  Evaluate how the literacy rate affects the standard of living.


The student will compare and contrast various forms of government.
b.  Explain how governments determine citizen participation: autocratic, oligarchic, and democratic.

AASL Standards:

2.  Draw conclusions, make informed decisions, apply knowledge to new situations, and create new knowledge.
2.1.1  Continue an inquiry-based research process by applying critical-thinking skills (analysis, synthesis, evaluation, organization) to information and knowledge in order to construct new understandings, draw conclusions, and create new knowledge.
2.1.2  Organize knowledge so that it is useful.
2.1.3  Use strategies to draw conclusions from information and apply knowledge to curricular areas, real-world situations, and further investigations.
2.1.4  Use technology and other information tools to analyze and organize information.
2.1.6  Use the writing process, media and visual literacy, and technology skills to create products that express new understandings.
2.2.4  Demonstrate personal productivity by completing products to express learning.
2.3.1  Connect understanding to the real world.
2.3.2  Consider diverse and global perspectives in drawing conclusions.
Self-Assessment Strategies:
2.4.1  Determine how to act on information (accept, reject, modify)
2.4.3  Recognize new knowledge and understanding.

Essential Questions:
What might be your attitude about your daily life and your future if you lived in a war zone?
What are the things in life you could still try to enjoy or pursue?
How would the loss of freedom change who you are or what you want to do with your life?

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